Manufacturer of LED lamps, flamenco, filament, Compact Fluorescent Lamps, FPL. Linear Fluorescent Starter and all kinds of electrical tape

Parto Electric


Parto Electric Isfahan

Incandescent bulbs, Filament bulbs

Manufacturer of Compact Fluorescent bulbs,


Generation change, season change

With Parto Electric LED light bulbs


About Parto Electric

In 2004 the company established and in 2007 it succeeded to obtain operation license for Incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps starter, meanwhile with technology progression in later years, also obtained operation license for energy saving lightbulb and FPL.
In 2010 received standard incentive license as the first company producing FPL. PARTO ELECTRIC received License of Collaborator …

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Certificates and licenses of Parto Electric Isfahan